Homegrown Readers

I just read Jan Pierce’s new book Homegrown Readers. The subtitle – Simple Ways to Help YOUR CHILD Learn to Read – clearly defines the content. The book based on her experiences in education gives parents, grandparents and others the basics for assisting nearly any child in the complex process of reading (and understanding) the English language.

She does not imply in any way that the processes she outlines are a substitute for professional reading education. Her positive approach is focused on outside of the classroom reading but her techniques are clearly those of a trained professional.

She does emphasize that there is no magic formula that works for every child. She says, “There were always children took to reading like a duck takes to water – they learned easily, quickly and enjoyed the process. Sadly, many others struggled every step of the way and remained challenged by the reading process.  …  The reasons for difficulty in learning to read are many – it’s a complicated process. But everyone can learn.*

I firmly believe that nearly every parent, grandparent, and professional educators who are not reading specialists will profit from reading this book. If I were still active in the teaching profession, it would be of help to me in understanding some of the reasons some readers just get it and others struggle.

* Pierce notes that Homegrown Reader is not designed to solve all reading problems for children with special needs or learning disabilities.

This book is available on Amazon.com and there is more about Jan Pierce, M.Ed. and her work on www.janpierce.net and www.onehandfulofrice.org