Fighting for David

Fighting for David is a heart grabbing true story of Leone Funston (McRae) Nunley’s unshakable love for her son and her undoubtable faith in God. The latest edition of this well written narrative has been updated with testimonials from others who have worked with loved ones who suffered brain injuries.

Medical experts considered David McRae as good as dead or destined for life in a vegetative state after his brain was damaged in a motorcycle accident in 1989.

First it was:

The EEG is markedly and diffusely abnormal due to severe attenuation [lessening] of electrocerbral activity in the absence of any normal background rhythms. The absence of spontaneous or reactive variability and continued very low-voltage generalized arrhythmic delta activity is of grave prognostic significance with respect to the chances of significant recovery of higher cerebral function in this case.

Soon later it was:

The patient is deeply comatose, not following commands, not reacting to noxious [or irritating, such as a pinprick] stimulation… The patient had an EEG which showed diffuse severe dysrhythmia [abnormal brain wave patterns]. This makes the prognosis very poor. There is nothing specific to be done from the neurological standpoint.

The recommendations were – find a place for him and let him be.

Did David’s mother and his family give up?


Twenty-six years later David still needs a part-time caregiver but functions alone at night. He is able to communicate his needs and he understands the activity around him. His speech is only in short sentences but he has stated his feelings with short notes.

Some of the procedures discovered and tried during David’s rehabilitation have contributed to treatment of others is similar situations.

The author has declared, “In loving memory and tribute of our Brave American Heroes, all proceeds, including all printing costs will go to Walter Reed Army Medical Center, WW Project, and other Veteran Medical facilities.”

On a personal note: Any one of us who served could have been one of them and any family could have been the McRaes.