When I was Young

My latest book, The Paradox of Grame, is ready for a serious, professional editor.  I started (continued) another project which will be self-published (professionally printed) before Christmas, 2015 as a gift to my Grandchildren.

I’m using this forum to post each of the stories in random order. I plan (hope) to post one or two a week until the stories are finished, complied and published (printed).

Introduction to When I was Young

Actual[1] memory of things that happened sixty or seventy years ago is difficult to recall with precision. Memory triggers, in my generation(s) – pictures of places, people and events – were usually sent to others and copies rarely saved. And, what kid would think of taking notes?

I don’t remember as much about Sanish, ND, as I do about Van Hook and some of the other places I lived after we left Sanish (1941 or ’42). And, I’m fairly certain that what I do remember about many events is memory of things I was told rather than just good recollection on my part.

And, I have a theory about some of the lack of details stored somewhere in my brain. Before I was twelve, I was hit on the head many times and a medical procedure no longer in use could also have been a contributor. Alleged details of those events are chronicled in my stories.

I was born at home (a rented place, I’m sure) shortly after midnight on a Monday morning in 1936. Dr. Blatherwick Sr. attended the delivery on his own birthday – October 19.[2]

I was named John after my father and Morris after Morris Samuelsson a friend of his. (Well that’s what Mother told me one time.)

The exact sequence of events in the stories I tell may also be somewhat out of order, but if you were there and have a better memory than I, you will know. If you were not there, what difference does it make? After all, these are just stories, not testimony under oath in court, a congressional hearing, or to a priest in a confessional. But wait, I’m not Catholic.

Have fun reading.

[1] I say actual because I know that some memory is a supposition of what might have been or what could have been and seems to fit or is logical.

[2] Oct. 19, 1870, Black Hawk County, Iowa, USA: Apr. 7, 1956, Los Angeles, CA

2 thoughts on “When I was Young

  1. Well, I was going to post my stories randomly but my next three or so will be about my theory on loss of early memory. Hit my head on the ice – hit by a baseball – radium treatments to my inner ear – riding a horse and being bucked into a rafter, etc.


  2. Thanks john, I remember grandmother operating the telephone switchboard, and climbing up crow high probably 5/6 yo. Ron may remember more


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