When I was Young No. 3; Jiggs


Our nearly white, wirehaired terrier Jiggs traveled with us from North Dakota to Butte, MT, during the late summer of 1940. Jiggs was less likely to wander off than me or my next younger brother Lowell. David was a baby so his freedom to wander did not exist. When we left Butte for parts west, Jiggs was not with us. Mother told me that we were all sad but we could not wait for him to show up. She assured us that he was so cute and gentle natured that someone would give him a good home.

It was fruit and berry harvest time so we stopped at Post Falls, ID. I never saw Jiggs there and just assumed he was gone forever. We lived in a cabin next to another family with more kids than ours. The cabins were in a stand of tall fir trees so there were no yards.  They must have been there for a while because they had a full size wooden replica of a jeep in their play area. They must have been of the same economic status as we were. Having lunch with them one day was my first experience with a lard sandwich.

Jiggs showed up on a back road near Spokane when we were there to pick apples after being in Post Falls. Well, I did not pick apples but Mother and Father did. I got to help pick potatoes in the Kittitas valley and sometime before ‘the day that will live in infamy’ we were in Kelso, WA. Years later Mother showed a picture of a boy with the last name Knolls on a spotted pony. She said that we lived with that family in a house between the railroad tracks and the Cowlitz River at the south edge of Kelso. She told me they did not like Jiggs – he barked at their pony.

Sometime later we moved to Kalama. We lived in one of the three cabins behind a gas station on Old pacific highway. We met a family there with a son they called Bucky. Buck Jr. was just a little older than me and had a dog named Nickel. An ice cream cone cost a nickel and one Washington State tax token. Bucky said that we should change Jiggs’s name to Token so we could trade the dogs for an ice cream cone.

I was not allowed to start school with Bucky that fall because my birthday was after the October 15 cut-off date.

I don’t know what happened to Jiggs but he was not with us when we moved to Texas to harvest cotton.

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