Girl from the Train

Irma Joubert’s Girl from the Train is scheduled for release on November 3, 2015 in paperback by publisher Thomas Nelson.

I saw my granddaughter’s advance copy and being a fan of Zusak’s The Book Thief the title and time of setting intrigued me. I was not disappointed; in fact I read the book in two settings.

Like Liesel in The Book Thief, Gretl in The Girl from the Train is a gifted child orphaned by the circumstance of WWII. Adult male protectors become significant stabilizers in their socially conflicted lives and are key to their physical survival. But Gretl also has political, religious and language conflicts she must learn to smother for her survival.

Liesel remains Liesel her entire life but Gretl is continuously and significantly changed by others and an emotionally debilitating childhood event stays with her until a reminder incident triggers a solution.