When I was Young No. 36 – Postscript



After school was out in 1949, Uncle Elmo Larson drove up from Minnesota with his grain truck to haul whatever household things we had. Mother was legally blind but she drove our 1939 Mercury to Minnesota.

These stories end when we moved from Van Hook to a farm house on Oscar Lake near Holmes City, Minnesota. We spent a year in the farm house Holmes City and moved to Alexandria in the spring of 1950.

The Christmas of 1949 we got a card and note from Goff and Hub.

Dear Morris;

Your dog Prince was a very nice looking dog the last time I saw him lost. He was a bum around town.  Guess he missed you and the kids too much to make friends with grownups. I yelled at him a lot when he was a pup so he couldn’t get in the habit of following me instead of you. I could easily have stolen the dog from you then. He remembered me – and not very favorably either.

When I tried to coax him to stick around after you had to leave him here. He would wag his tail but he never let me pet him although he came over and sniffed of me every time I was on foot.

He came up here every day for about a month and looked for you kids at the Wilber house and up to my house but he finally quit coming. I had feed set out for him and he ate it but always left as soon as he saw or heard me.

I’m sorry he didn’t trust me but I blame myself ‘cause I always growled at him. Don’t think for a moment I didn’t like him. He was a swell dog and I’d have given him a place to sleep and enough to eat, only, I couldn’t make him understand.

How is the boxing business in Minn.? Are you fellows holding your own? Hope you like your new friends and new home.

If you come out this way, stop in and say hello anyhow.

PS: I’m putting a couple of Bucks in for Christmas and your Birthday.



— end —