2016: What to do, what to do?

I’ve been thinking (ouch) about what to do next. Twenty-sixteen is nearly 1/4th over! As of this post, 76/366=38/183.

As in my previous post, many things with different measurement criteria have been happening.

Work on my current novel (about Vietnam/retrograde amnesia) is continuing. There have been some revisions on my published novel An Odyssey of Illusions (for possible re-issue) and I’ve toyed with the drafted sequel for it. The short story “A Brother’s Gift”, previously posted on this blog has been slightly revised for possible publication.

I’m seeking input on that short story from my small but talented writing group. In the short time I’ve belonged, it has (members have) given me valuable insight to some things I thought I knew.

I just finished a beta read of an interesting book written by a member of the group. It’s a well written, compelling story about an impoverished lower cast girl growing up in India during the nineteenth century and becoming a cast free Bible Woman.

My current reading is a novel (on Kindle) by a man who was a contestant on Jeopardy. I’m not as much a history buff as my brother was or as two of my grandsons and one granddaughter are but I’m also reading a third book (traditional hardback) by James Bradley (The China Mirage).

I’ve neglected my web site, avoided finishing a few started short stories and exploring the possibility of having the thirty-some shorts I wrote for my grandchildren published. One of my failed resolutions is to post here at least once a month. Well it’s obvious how that’s been going.

The thirty-two birdhouses for a Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child fundraiser garage sale are finished.

So, what to do – what to do?