Just Because

I’ve realized that just because I’ve written doesn’t make me a writer. There’s more than the physical activity and grammar aspects of putting out words.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not going through a period of self-doubt or self-deprecating.

I struggled with point of view in telling my Vietnam/retrograde amnesia story about men who for obvious reasons cannot relate to their formative years. But, my most daunting problem has been how to justify third person omniscient knowledge of all the facts related to them and those intimately involved with them. Flash bulb! It occurred to me that biographers use creditable documents and interviews to put real-life stories together.  Thus, I’ve started a re-write with a narrator who lives within the story. That narrator was a minor character in my first effort. Wish me luck on a foot-noted/end-noted duo-biography of characters who could have been.

I’m currently reading James Bradley’s The China Mirage[1]; thus, my idea for presentation of the retrograde amnesia story.

Some short stories cannot be told within magazine publishers’ word count requirements. I’m still looking for one that will take more than, “He woke up on a sunny morning and had an adventure that resulted in his having a good day.”

Did I mention that I’ve had one book published? Did I mention that I’m considering a re-issue? Note my first paragraph, ‘just because’. I’ve started looking at it as if someone else was telling me the story. The plot and timeline remain intact and the point of view is obvious; however, there are non-essentials and it lacks some situational color. When the first issue was accepted by a ‘publisher’, I assumed it had been read. Well, that’s another story. When I’ve finished a very fine tuning, I’ll have it read by a professional.

“Damn the torpedoes full speed ahead!”[2] I have work to do.

[1] I’ve also read Bradley’s Flyboys and Flags of our Fathers.

[2] Generally accepted paraphrase in US Navy tradition of a comment by Admiral David Farragut.

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