Family Bible

Several years ago I put together a 100-year chronology of my Grandfather Bjorn Benson’s family.  My initial resources came from a box of records sent to me by a cousin and the fly page on my grandfather’s Bible. I sent a CD copy to each of my siblings, cousins and my children. I called the work Family Bible and encouraged the recipients to use it as a platform for adding their own data.

I put the document out of my mind until my brother sent a news article with a picture of my grandfather’s only brother’s children. I’ll probably take on another side project to clarify some more names and relationships.

There was my great grandfather Arne Benson, an uncle Arne Benson, a cousin Arne Benson and my brother Arne Benson. My grandfather’s brother was Nels Benson, I had an uncle Nels Benson and my grandfather’s brother Nels Benson called one of his sons Nels Benson. My cousin, son of my Uncle Nels, gave his son the middle name Nels.

Just as in the Veg-O-Matic commercial, “But, wait there’s more.”

Great Uncle Nels had a daughter Agnes and his nephew Nels married a woman named Agnes. My paternal aunt’s never used first name was Gurie and Great Uncle Nels had a daughter Gurie. And, his daughter Blanche married a Pederson. My grandmother Benson’s maiden name was Pederson and she had siblings and nephews in the town where Uncle Nels and his family lived. His daughter Agnes married and lived in Benson, MN.

And so on, and so on.

On my maternal side, my Grandfather L.L. Larson was his own cousin – but that’s another story.