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Bill Lascher’s Eve of a Hundred Midnights is far – far more than the love story of war correspondents Melville and Annalee Jacoby during the first year of WWII. It was a one sitting read but Lascher’s intricately researched history makes it worthy of a second read to sort and reabsorb the details. Mel Jacoby had a love and passion writing and reporting how things really were in China just before and during the Japanese occupation.

Anna was already very successful in her own right but took on Mel’s passion and joined him in China. They carried out their reporting and were married just a week before having to escape from the Japanese invasion of the Philippines.

Many of the world leaders and influential people in the lives of Mel and Anna were familiar to me from having recently read James Bradley’s China Mirage. None of those powerful people could have changed the life outcomes for Mel and Anna.

To expand my understanding of the time and place I believe my next book will be Thunder out of China by Theodore H. White and Anna Jacoby. Lascher’s Eve of a Hundred Midnights gives me the feeling of knowing Anne Jacoby and her ability to tell it how it was.

I just finished Thunder out of China by Theodore H. White and Anna Jacoby. The cost of the book was more than I wanted to pay so I got an inter-library loan.
Bellingham (WA) Public Library sent a first edition from its reserved stacks to Ft. Vancouver (WA) Regional Library for me.

I was right in guessing the ability of Jacoby and White to tell it like it is (was). The 1946 published book also confirmed the accuracy of Lascher’s and Bradley’s research.
Any student of China and the WWII Far East history should read all three.