Dry Spell

The PNW has been in a dry spell most of the summer, but that’s not unusual.
I’ve had a writing dry spell too.
Or have I?
There has been little progress on what I’ve set as my primary project – the story of two men who suffered retrograde amnesia from separate Vietnam experiences.

I also set a goal of tuning up and adding to my 2012 published novel An Odyssey of Illusions. Many readers said it needed a sequel. I thought that too but again it was voice. I found the voice; the boy Odyssey simply transitions to his teen years and the story continues. That work is nearly ready for an outside review.

Other writers in a group to which I belong encouraged me to submit a short piece they reviewed for me. I took their encouragement, made a few changes to meet publisher requirements and submitted it. I’ve received payment for first rights. I was also encouraged to submit another of my short stories; the publisher’s staff notified me that it was sent to the next level for a second reading. I did some minor revisions to another short story and submitted it – no word back on that.

Some time ago, with new found voice, I opened the Vietnam amnesia story to do some serious work; nothing was happening. I did the same for several started short stories. The new idea part of my brain didn’t seem to be working either. I stumbled on something I had started in the 1990s (and had thought it was nearly finished). Renewed interest was kindled. That flame was reduced to an ember without enough fuel to continue within a few days. Again, the problem appeared to be voice.

I read three nonfiction books (see my most previous post). I did some HTML processing on what will be a former web site, and learned how to use some aps on my new i-phone. My work space got a complete cleaning and rearrangement. Yesterday, I applied a new format to this site, added a contact page and posted a bio page.

Now I need to mow the yard before the day gets too hot.

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