Today, Monday, I went walking into an unpredicted mostly sunny morning. I started thinking about this blog and my neglect of it.

Two weeks ago my doctor told me I should walk at a rate that elevates my heart rate, but not so hard as to impact my breathing. My running days of old are no longer able to maintain my ability to keep unneeded weight down. It’s not that I’ve become obese, but my A1C has climbed into the mid 6s – not a good sign. The plus is, my BP and heart rate are very good (even for someone half my age), and my cholesterol is well maintained by a minimum dose of a statin. Twelve years of medical records on computer database show that when my weight is down, the A1C is down. Any sleuth should be able to figure out a solution.
I agreed with Doc. The day after my appointment, I found a neighborhood route (1.9 miles as shown by Google). It was a great walk, but I realized the breathing difference between saunter and walk. The second day was the same but as my breathing seemed to increase, I purposely slowed my pace. I had already decided to do just five days a week on the same route, and it was late Friday when the tooth-ache started. Good excuse to keep from doing the new routine on the weekend.
The tooth was extracted on Monday morning and the no exercise instructions were followed until Thursday. I felt good – I used my second day pace and finished. The Friday walk was the same. Weekends being what they are there was no forced walk.

Could I find or think about enough topics to put on this blog? Once I focused, the walk took the same time as before but with semi-serious thinking and looking the time seemed to pass more quickly. I also wondered if I could increase the rate of blogging. A few times in the past I posted fairly often, but without a ‘real’ commitment, I drifted from often-to-random-to…
Well, I had several content thoughts during observations of: dogs and people walking them, dogs barking behind fences, mushrooms under trees on lawns, mushrooms on lawns with no trees, moss making the side walk slick, moss on trees, drivers drifting through a 4-way stop, discarded bottle caps/bottles/car parts. If I just take the first two, I’d have enough for five blogs a week.

Tomorrow will be the test.

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  1. walks are good for the brain and heart, I am enjoying your blog.

    not trying to catch up, beginning where I am



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