I added a short over-and-back to increase my walk from 1.9 to 2 miles yesterday. Didn’t walk today. I caught a cold during the nice weather. The following is from yesterday.

I went out a little earlier this morning, so the final bell at the middle school adjacent my turn around of the over-and-back extension had not yet sounded. That’s to say some students on the edge of being tardy were still being delivered by parents or other drivers. The amber flashing lights warn drivers that the speed limit is 20 mph. That’s 29 feet per second. One-hundred-fifty-feet is a fairly easy distance to judge. Thus, a vehicle traveling that distance in five seconds is at the limit. I learned that when I was a police reserve on traffic patrol. Well that was an application I didn’t anticipate when I studied physics in high school.
I counted for two drivers nearly bumper-to-bumper in tandem covering the estimated 150 ft. in three seconds. Woah! That’s approximately 14 mph over the limit – 34 mph is just fine on that street when the amber lights are off. Wonder if the kids were tardy anyway?
One lady pulled out of the school lot, cell phone in the hand gripping the steering wheel. The vaping pipe bounced in her free hand as she tapped the phone. Yikes! Well, at least she wasn’t speeding.
There’s a four-way stop next to one of the schools I pass on my walk. Several years ago, I substituted for the principal there. While checking the outside of the building, I watched (if I remember correctly) 15 cars arrive at the intersection. This stands out in my memory, because only one of the vehicles was brought to a full stop with a few second pause before proceeding. The one brought to a full stop and pause was a near classic mustang driven by a person I recognized as a high school student. Wonder if he still drives with the same respect for stop signs.
The intersection is in full view to me for about a half block before I turn away from it. Today I observed six vehicles pass through without stopping by the legal definition. Two of the drivers slowed before turning right. One did the same as one of the aforementioned vehicles as he turned left while another vehicle was turning right. The other three drivers did a tap-and-go before driving through the intersection.

I wonder if all the political signs will be down when I walk again.