I mentioned seeing litter along my walking route. The first day I noticed a torn, black vinyl POW/MIA bumper sticker in the grass between the sidewalk and curb. On my third or fourth pass-by, I picked it up and carried it home. I understand how it could have loosened and fallen off someone’s bumper, but anyone displaying the sentiment of remembering them could not have intentionally turned it to litter.

KIA/POW/MIAs are or were veterans. Survivors of combat are veterans, as are the company clerks who never left the States. Veterans are or were from economic, social and ethnic groups. Political beliefs do not determine if or not someone is a veteran. General, flag, or air officers are veterans, as is the enlisted recruit who finished his first day. As for our reserves, remember, “They also serve who only stand and wait.”

I’m humbled by those who sacrificed the most, but proud to also have the badge of veteran.