Another Mystery of Life

When I was a kid, boys my age gave a different slant to the intended meaning of Pepsodent’s, “You’ll wonder where the yellow went?”

When a physical thing disappears, most retrace their steps, and eureka, there it is – just where it was left.

Last week, I had a cataract removed. I know where it went. My old prescription lens in my glasses for that eye became a vision distorter, so I had it replaced with clear glass. I couldn’t just ‘chuck’ the pair of glasses because I still needed the correction for my other eye.

My brain was well on the way to compensating for the lens implant pairing with corrective lens for the other eye. I was explaining the difference in the clear glass lens and correction lens, and I took the frames off to show as well as tell. The clear glass was gone from the frame! It was medically obvious that I didn’t need the glass in the frame to see with the lens implant. But, what happened to the glass?

When did I last notice the glass was in the frame? I had cleaned both lenses the day before. Where and when could it have dropped out? Why didn’t I hear a clink when it fell to the floor?

A search ensued. Even knowing the primary influence on the glass would be gravity, and that it couldn’t crawl under something, the search included scientifically impossible areas and surfaces. More than one missing item was found, but not what was being sought.

The night shield for my eye with the implant protrudes from my face several centimeters, not as far as my nose, but a significant distance.  Many if not most octogenarians have a morning routine; I put on my glasses and – a more detailed explanation is probably unnecessary. Well, just a little more – TV advertising showed the toilet we have being able to flush several golf balls away.

As when I was a youngster, I never did wonder where the morning yellow went, and I suspect it was followed by the glass replacement being popped out by the night shield, so gravity and the efficient toilet could do the rest.

But, without proof or witness, it’s disappearance is just another mystery of life.