Rejection Positives

I got rejected! Again! Wa-wa-wa!

Nah, I didn’t get rejected, another of my short stories did. The note said, “We appreciate the opportunity to read your work, but unfortunately this submission was not a right fit for …”

They read my work! Yeah! Someone outside my circle actually did. Like all who write, I wish more had the opportunity.

Another recent submission got a reply, “Your submission is being reviewed.” And, later a notification of release so I could explore other opportunities for it. It’s fairly obvious my story and publication’s target audience were not a match. Nothing wrong with editors or paid readers making that decision – it’s their job.

The real positive to me is the response, not necessarily the content of the response.

I’ve made many submissions without acknowledgement – not even an electronic receipt. I’ve wondered: Was it received? Did it get round-filed? Was it too offensive or too mild for the publication? Was their genre definition and mine different? Did I miss a word count requirement and it was too long or too short? Is their target audience different from my perception of it? Etc.? I’m of the mindset that even a stock rejection statement, “doesn’t meet our needs,” is acknowledgement of my effort.

But, I’ve decided that writing is a game of chance. And the however is: no submission, no chance of evoking the ‘others need to read this’ or ‘this will help future sales’ feelings of the right person on the right day.

I have two more in submission limbo. One has been there, or in a round file, 75 of the 90 days the publisher says, “If you don’t hear from us in 90…”

Status of the other is unclear, but it was at another place for more than 90 days, so I felt free to submit it ‘elsewhere’ as ‘they’ said in their guidelines.

I submitted it ‘elsewhere’ two days ago, but I didn’t get an electronic receipt. Oh well!

My most recent acceptance positive is scheduled to appear in a September, 2017, issue of Live (Christian take-home quarterly for adults).

Note: I just got an e-receipt for something I sent in yesterday.