Who are You

A friend and fellow writer and I were talking about book and other writing promotion/marketing. I’ve done some beta reading for her work, and we share with others in a writing group.

I’ve been through the marketing frustration. Many years ago, I had good success with technical articles, but they were for a relatively small, specific audience and met editorial specifications for topics. Marketing was not a real issue because there was no intent by the editors or me to reach outside that audience.

When my novel, An Odyssey of Illusions, was released by a small press publisher, I had a naive belief that the publisher would be the promoter. In the publisher’s defense, it’s people sent me several lists of book reviewers, and other material relating to marketing. I, again in my naivety, thought the material was just a courtesy.

I went through a check list of ‘how to promote’ activities and opened LinkedIn, Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter and some other, now defunct, social media accounts with promotion in mind. I re-focused an old web site I had used for HTML practice and started this WP blog site.

My friend’s well-presented http://www.janpierce.net gives its readers considerable information about her work and qualifications. The link to Amazon on her site makes purchase and reviews easy to negotiate. Disclaimer: My Amazon review of Homegrown Readers: Simple Ways to Help Your Child Learn to Read was written before I met the author.

So, I asked me, “Are possible purchasers of her work reading her site?”

My next question to me was, “Who reads this blog?”

Use my Contact JMB link at the top of the page to answer, “Who are You?”


Knowing who reads or follows this will give me one piece of the puzzle for marketing my very soon to be finished book. And, perhaps I can also help a friend.