Not the Answer

Last week I asked, “Who are You?”

The answer I got was very close to what I expected, but not what I had hoped for.

Only one non-family ‘You’ answered my request, “Use my Contact JMB link at the top of the page to answer, ‘Who are You’?” I also tweeted a link to this blog site. The result was even worse than as my click the link request – no response.

Now I know a little more. For obvious example, if I want to promote my writing on this blog, I have to find a way to increase its readership. To cliché’ up, it goes without saying, if I spend time promoting this limited (very limited) readership blog, I’m not putting in necessary time in other marketing efforts.

But what are those mediums, and how do I break into them. I’m going to make a cliché ‘wild guess’ – It’s not what you know, but who you know – even in this arena.

I’m currently reading a multiply published author, but it disturbed me when I read, … “the smell of Cordite …” in a story set in current times. Cordite hasn’t been used as a propellant since WWII. Now, if the description of the event included the shooter using a vintage weapon and vintage ammo, I’d accept that the author knew or researched about what he/she wrote. The however here is, the author is making money for a publisher, so accuracy, all-be-it surrounded by fiction, is apparently not too important.

OK! Please, please!

This is not, is not, a gripe session: I accept that I need to balance my W time with some quality M time. However, where do I start?

Well, I’m not going to quit this forum, but I think … well … er … ah …

One thought on “Not the Answer

  1. Yeah, I hear you. A couple of thoughts: networking via conferences, critique groups, and the like is very important. Nothing happens in a vacuum. Also marketing is the business side of writing and for most of us, the worst part of the entire thing. It requires knowledge I don’t have. So I have to learn it somewhere or get help, or pay someone… I always run up against the financial walls. But as a believer, I’ve always told God I’d do “the next thing.” Just take the next step. Sometimes I don’t recognize what that is. But it gives me the confidence to keep going. Just one more step.


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