Education 101

A newspaper article about some California schools losing funding because of changes in demographics just got my attention. OK! I’ll be more specific – ethnic demographics (or differences in claiming ethnicity which results in changes in support variables in the complex funding algorithms).

Let me preface my remarks with a little personal background. To those who might say So what, you have little choice – it’s my blog and I’m going to preface. You do, however, have the choice to discontinue reading anytime you want.

I have nearly 40-years of education experience; military electronic equipment maintenance and operation instructor, community college technical instructor, public and private school academic and vocational subject teacher, public and private school substitute administrator, industry instructional materials developer and presenter…

Federal, state, and local program compliance took time from my (our) real purpose for being involved in education – teaching. Sometimes mandated programs supported others, but often enough programs conflicted with others. During those years much of my on-site activity was compelled by one program or another. And, prep-time sometimes had to be focused on issues not related to academic or vocational topics to be taught.

I’ve not been active in the school setting for nearly four years now, but based on expressed concerns of involved people I know, nothing is new under the sun.

No politician introduces legislation with overt or covert intent to harm students or exclude any by circumstance of demographics. However, and this is an opinion, all too much well intended inclusion-legislation is not written so over-inclusion of some doesn’t cause marginalization of others.

Now more schools have to deal with unintended financial issues in educational necessities (qualified teachers) that are already woefully under or marginally funded.