How Near is Nearly

In a previous post, I talked about not being able to finish as a form of writer’s block. “There’s no doubt in my mind that I’ve discovered my most serious writer’s block – finishing what I’ve started.”

I took John Grisham’s advice and wrote the ending to my current novella New Film Noir, and set the protagonist’s dairy ending date for my nearly ending the story. My intention is to have the first draft completed at his last entry date, August 21, 2017. With last chapter basically written, I have just a month to fill in some transitions.

So, what could get in the way now, or what will I invent for interference.  I’ve had some road blocks not related to writer’s block, but managed to get around them. The end is near, I’m nearly done.

Not finishing this project would be very disappointing and a waste of the effort I made to write one-eyed after two rounds of cataract surgery. Then there was the big distraction – all of the what ifs related to discovery of the tangerine-size malignant tumor in my gut.

But, there’s the blessing and grace of early discovery, resolution by surgery only, and restored energy. Wasting such a blessing, would be even more disappointing, yea devastating.

Nearly is no longer near, it is here.

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