Poor Hollywood

Flakes of wild fire ash blown out of the Columbia Gorge are falling on our lawns like the first dry snow flurry of winter as I glance at a newspaper article about the plight of Hollywood.

Poor Hollywood! Its movie industry grossed less than $4-billion during the summer season. Poor, poor Hollywood!

Economic, personal, emotional, and other losses from flooding in the Gulf Coast and, wild fire damage in the west certainly didn’t take someone’s focus away from poor Hollywood. Now there’s the pending category-4 hurricane moving to impact the East Coast or make a second in the season slam to the Gulf. But there’s more! Will there be another Pork Chop Hill?

Well, don’t worry Hollywood, your writers are already busy with stories for your next batch of based on true events movies.

Based on true events, there’s a high probability that poor Hollywood will make a miraculous recovery far faster than those impacted by the true events fictionalized there.

Just say’n!