Writing Between the Lines

Two stories in my head and a project to finish face me in the morning, then I see the leaves that have started turning red, yellow and brown. Only one cucumber and a few carrots wait in the garden and the grapes and pears are gone.

A few days of good weather is predicted before daylight shrinks to the hibernal solstice and the rainy season starts. It’s time to ready for winter. Those stories I’ve started change in my mind as I ready the foam blocks for the crawl space and roll up the hoses. There’s a loose deadline for the writing project, but few of us enjoy cramming a few days before our commitment is expected.

The furnace filter is changed and sun baked foam wrap around the AC pipes has been replaced. My thought about a character in one story could not be recalled from when I was on the ladder changing the filter. Perhaps it will represent itself when I clean the gutters.

A good time to have the tires rotated and get new wiper blades is before the rush for studded tires and chains. The process takes two people if one chooses the pickup and return option. I’ve taken the laptop to the tire shop in the past, but it’s hard to concentrate while listening for the mechanic’s it’s finished call.

However, I’m not whining between the lines – I’m blessed to have things that need attention.

Don’t fret Calvin, or you at the doughnut shop. I’ll get back to telling your stories. And the advice I took, it’ll be documented too.