Stuff Happens


he best made plans…” – whine, grumble, gripe…
Those actions of disgruntles are of no use when stuff happens. In general terms stuff is defined as: Oh rats! The English language gets in the way, so I’ll have to go with context. There are several, not used in polite society, words that fit, “stuff happens,” but using them in a public forum is not my preferred way of whine, grumble, gripe, etc.
Just before the stuff, I managed to get my short project ready for writers group review, and I found an ending for my 400 page “Seeing the world through the eyes and mind of young boy, trying to make sense of his world, that is often turned upside down by constant change…” book.
The stuff happened the day I got back to my YA attempt about a boy who attempts to change his future with a poorly thought out plan.


h, the stuff. There was a pool of water in front of the dishwasher two days ago. Yikes! Pull out the appliance but hope it was the first time. It wasn’t! Apparently, the water had been spraying toward the wall and up behind the cabinets. The wall and floor were wet and several small grey-green spots were on the painted surface near the floor. The wet sheet rock was wet, not just damp, behind the next cabinet. Cabinets were removed until all the wet sheet rock was exposed. Yucky mess! The remnants of the soaked wall, insulation and the cabinet bases were bagged and saved for the insurance inspector(s) who will check soon. Etc, etc, etc…
If all or most isn’t covered by insurance, I’ll be taking out the rest of the existing cabinets to cut down the cost. Writing will be on hold because stuff happened.