Off Track


or well over a year, I’ve struggled with a story I started 4 years ago, that I felt was necessary to tell. In the review /edit process, I got off track. I wasn’t comfortable with what I thought was a finished novel late last year. It wasn’t the story I really wanted to tell.

To any and all who read parts or all of my concept draft: Please don’t consider my comments a slam on your technical efforts to help me do a better job. I know each of you had my best interest in mind, and the derailment was my doing. I just didn’t recognize the intent of your input – you had no intent to change the story – you just wanted me to do a better job. So, thanks for your efforts – I’ll keep what you meant in mind as I rewrite.
When I realized my consternation about the work, I feared my original work was lost. I needed it for reviewing and focusing on my original intent. Fortunately, I’m somewhat of a digital hoarder. It took nearly an hour of searching my own variations on what I thought my original title was, but I found it on an external hard drive.
I also found some of the first reader’s non-technical comments that inspired me to continue the work.

SS – I was captured by the story so much the first time that I thought it was a true account, even though the preface stated that it was fictional. I was surprised how strongly the narrative captivated me again. It also helps and is enjoyable to read a book that describes places and things that I am familiar with.
RB – I can’t put it down…will finish “Recovery (chapter)” last 10 pages and go to sleep. This is so plausible and readable and will appeal to a much broader audience than old spooks.
SM – You have woven a fascinating story with a wonderful twist. I love those kinds of stories. You have built the locations and characters rich and full, so I can see them as I read. Your dialogue flows naturally, not forced.
NO – The characters seem real. My favorite is Annemarie. As far as I’ve read so far there is a Christian thread but, it’s not preachy.


o, it’s back to work with renewed energy. I’ll try very hard to not get derailed again.

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