Progress Updated


ust after my last post, I got the note I’d hoped to not receive from Ooligan Press. “Upon review, we have decided that your work does not fit our present needs.”

Of course, I was disappointed. Who wouldn’t be? However, the feedback following “… does not fit…” was assurance that my submission was actually read. I will take the advice given by Ooligan reviewers and continue the project.


nother work has been submitted to another place. The acknowledgement of receipt said if I don’t hear in 30 days, it’s not being considered. That’s much-appreciated short turnaround for an answer.

Headlines about North Korean activities and coverage of the South Korean Olympics have reminded me of my time in Korea in March sixty-years ago. I just finished and submitted a short true-story piece about that memory for the “Everybody Has a Story” section in our local newspaper, The Columbian.

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