have three completed (well, I say so), and I’m in the process of finding suitable publishers. I do have to add a however here. However, I’m not totally opposed to self-publishing.

It seemed to be overwhelming, no, it was overwhelming, to look through the 2018 Writer’s Market book on Kindle for what publishers suited all three. I converted the Kindle format to MS-Word, deleted all but the section on novel publishers, then searched for words like erotica to eliminate those publishers. I did the same for agents.

I found myself loosing track of which of the three manuscripts was meeting posted criteria. I decided to go through the process for just one. But, I chose the one that had the least fit for the general requirements (word count) for novels. I read a blog about why word count is important to publishers. To put it simply – profit! I’m OK with that. Why would anyone go into business (designated as non-profits excepted) to not make enough money to support them and their employees? But, the post was more about high word counts than low word counts. It did give an out for longer manuscripts – one might get a read if the author could justify the story could not be told in fewer words.

I plan to do that for my shorter than general novel length.

Simultaneous submissions are important to me. I just don’t want to wait for a publisher who says, “Responds in 6 months,” or, “Not accepting simultaneous submissions.”

OK! OK, back to my title for this post. The search continues with a careful read of web sites to make a decision on which ones to query.

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