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ASON CARTER FINN never thought he’d feel like he was watching himself in one of his grandfather’s generation black and white movies, but that’s how he felt during much of 2016 and 2017. A note on a photograph he discovered in the late summer of 2017 gives personal meaning to something his grandfather said about decoys the last Saturday of the 2000 water-fowl hunting season.

Twenty-five- year-old Finn uses his personal diary and declassified CIA notes to write a travelogue of curiosity, intrigue, mystery, and confusing relationships during 2016 and 2017.
Hoping for another assignment and perhaps more time with another agent, his field assignments become confusing, frustrating, and meaningless to him. Realizing there are few opportunities for satisfying personal relationships as a document reader, the young agent resigns from the CIA and returns to rural Oregon.

Like his change of duties from the mundane reading room to mysterious field assignments, some of his after-career events are unpredictable. Driving away from an ideal location for viewing the 2017 solar eclipse in totality over southeast Oregon is just one of the things he doesn’t anticipate.


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