Publication Process


tried to get the attention of a number of agents and publishers for my current work Nescient Decoy. In one case, I was alerted that its working title New Film Noir didn’t fit the story. I reviewed my protagonist and agreed. Several agents said they were only accepting manuscripts from ‘well established’ writers or current clients. Are you following the series in the comic strip Crankshaft about a librarian trying to get her book published?

I decided I could be waiting for xx days or xx months to hear from someone considering what I’ve written. So, I looked at a number of self-publishing houses. Several do a good job for writers with enough funding to get started. And, I’ve read about some using “Go Funding” for financing. Not my style!

For some covert in my brain reason I avoided exploring Amazon’s publishing advertisements. Last week I decided to set aside the covert purist attitude and take a look. If you have a manuscript and can read, the Amazon process for paperback and Kindle is relatively easy. It provides downloadable templates, step-by-step instructions and free conversion software to process into Kindle format. And, they provide embedded in MS-Word software for processing a manuscript.


y preview copies of Nescient Decoy, at printing cost plus shipping, are on the way. After reading the previews, I can make edits or just click on the designated button and the paperback and Kindle versions be posted for sale.

I nearly forgot to mention the IBSN process. It’s affordable from Bowker and the process is easy. I bought 10 IBSNs which drives the price each down. I’m using one for the paperback and one for the Kindle. Even if I find a traditional publisher for other work I have having my own will reduce the hidden fee category.

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