Waiting for That Big Check!


made some adjustments to the text and Nescient Decoy became available on Amazon August 6th. Several copies of the Kindle version and at least 2 of the paperback have been shipped.

It’s a little soon for the big royalty check to arrive, but I’ve been watching the mail. I’m not anticipating buying an Italian Villa with the first one, but a round of Starbucks for my friends will be possible.


The mail has been normal this week – advertisements for cremation services, hearing aids, real estate, etc., several requests for donations (at least one was legitimate), a notice about an insurance premium due…; well you get the picture.


o, what should I do while waiting to get rich? My economic experience with the publication of An Odyssey of Illusions wasn’t even reportable to the IRS – $1.37.

How did I make so much when I got the gift books for family and friends at wholesale (which included publisher profit)? I didn’t understand the commercial part of writing. This is not to say I’ve become an expert, but I’ll not be depending on someone else to sell Nescient Decoy.


here are several things to do while writing the sequel requested by two beta readers. There is considerable advice about selling a book, so I’ll not waste too much time lining up people whose web sites tout instant sales, etc. I do have a plan outlined, but it needs some tweaking. And, even if I only make 1-cent more than I’ve invested the venture can still be called profitable. Oh – about my time – what else would I be doing when my volunteering is finished, and TV is bad?

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