Thinking Sequel


ow that Nescient Decoy is out, should I be thinking sequel?

I posted about one publisher’s letter telling me the story was too short for its requirements. And I tried filling parts of the body with extended dialog and side trips. But the story was taken from Jason’s diary and other notes, so I and most readers would question how he might know the extras. In the process of my filling-in, I was losing the story.
When I ended with, “…the only looking over our shoulders will be … while watching the evening sky turn red behind Steens Mountain,” I had my first thought about continuation. Thus, the postscript.
Well, I started thinking there would be a natural flow to the continuation of Jason and Erin’s lives, either on the ranch or back with the Company. Could there be both? If just the ranch, the postscript didn’t set that up very well, if at all. If just the Company, what happens to the ranch? Is there something in Grandpa’s history that might have a continuing impact? How would any of the options impact their relationship? After all neither had much knowledge about the other before their spontaneous marriage. Etc., etc,…
How do I continue the voice if it’s two person’s story?


erhaps it is too soon, but what else should I be doing with my time?


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  1. Sequels are good ideas. Readers get involved with the characters and want more. You could either write two more books telling both stories or choose to go back and forth from one point of view to the other in alternating chapters.

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