ver 90% of the winterizing is done around the house and yard. It doesn’t take a boatload of prep in the Pacific Northwest, but if somethings aren’t done, a ‘once in ten-year’ many-day cold snap will creep up on a homeowner. Burst pipes in the best of weather are a real burden, but during a freeze, …

We had restful long weekend, then I had the pleasure of going to Burbank, CA, with my granddaughter to observe and follow a script in a voice recording session.

jmb at recording with Greg

The author of the book for which I posted a review, directed the session that will be on Adventures of Odyssey sometime next year. One of the voice actors in the audio play was Greg Jbara (Garrett on Blue Bloods) so, my granddaughter and I got some good time with him and a number of regulars on A of O. Then we got good seats for a taping of Last Man Standing.

So, I’m relaxed and ready to get on with finishing two items with a deadline and other work I’ve started.
And, my marketing plan for Nescient Decoy is in process.

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