A Considered Process


ohn Grisham, in a TV interview, said something about writing the end of a story first.

I was struggling with Nescient Decoy when I heard that interview, so wrote where I wanted Jason Finn to be at the end of the story. From that, I was able to lead him to that goal.
A beta reader asked, “Will there be more to the story, or is that all there is?”
I’d been asked the same thing when I ended An Odyssey of Illusions. I did draft of a sequel to that work, but I didn’t have an ending until the draft was finished. And the story in the draft didn’t please me either. So, I wrote an ending to ‘Odyssey’ instead of a sequel. A postscript finishes the story I will publish under a modified title.

Did I mention I’m drafting a sequel to Jason Finn’s decoy story? I am! The postscript from Nescient Decoy starts the story, and the end has been drafted.


poiler – there will be three Finns.

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