Break from Writing


ometimes you may need a break from writing. But what goes on in a writer’s mind during a timeout? I can’t say anything about others, but for me, my mind seems incapable of rest. And it goes with out saying that there is more to writing a book than writing a book. (If it goes without saying, why did I say it?) Word count? Even if self-published, there are necessities – well, decisions for or against promotion, gifting, distribution, etc.

There were a few ‘not imposed by others’ deadlines to meet, so with those met, I’m challenged to take some time off. However (isn’t there always a however), there are three unfinished manuscripts in my digital and human memory. And what I’m doing here certainly isn’t an official break!
I’ve tried to stop my story developer by trying to eliminate the source of ants in our bathroom. They’re persistent in their effort to be there! The scouts and workers who ant-bate promoters say will take the borax component to the queen and neutralize her don’t seem to survive the trip home. Or perhaps a competing queen is sending out her team too.
A feature of our house has bugged us (no pun intended) for some time. Recently unused hammer, flat bar, and other tools were applied to a project of anticipation and discovery. Remodeling projects, no matter how small, nearly always deliver surprises! What mystery lies under your hearth? “The shadow knows.” At least there wasn’t a body. The project will certainly outlive my quest for ant elimination.
I had some unread books too. I wouldn’t have bought John Grisham’s The Summons or Roger Hobbs’ Ghostman, but they were included in donations to our Samaritan’s Purse fundraiser garage sale. Hobbs may have had a writing career as long as Grisham’s, but the award-winning young writer overdosed in 2016. Reading those books took two days not including lunch or other activity breaks.
I found out something one should not do. After my Echoes of Nam: Absence from way is not the same as peace of the soul, was published, I noted in the GoodReads review window, “It’s difficult to review my own work.” After a pair of positive reviews, I decided to delete my own. Wrong move! An author’s deleting one review on GoodReads deletes all reviews! Hopefully, writers of the other reviews will notice them missing and re-submit them.
Since my book had Vietnam as one of its key-words, I downloaded a free Kindle copy of Vietnam Was Boring by Ronald Griffith. That took less than a day to read. I posted a review of it and the two other books I read in the last five days.


onsidering the break wasn’t as relaxing as I thought it might be, I’ll be back to another effort for Chicken Soup for the Soul, First Line, and trying to reach an ending for one of my other manuscripts.

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