everal weeks ago, a number of church friends and I started getting ready for our 6th (7th?) annual Samaritan’s Purse fund-raiser Garage Sale.

One of my self-assigned tasks was sorting donated books. Authorizing myself ‘first dibs’ on any sales, I found two by John Grisham books I’d wanted to read and one by an author I didn’t know – Roger Hobbs.

After reading Hobbs’ Ghostman I discovered he unlike Grisham would write only three more. He died in Portland of a drug overdose at the age of 28. Very sad!

One of the Grisham paperbacks I haven’t gotten to yet was originally priced $9.99 and had a discount sticker on the front of $5.49. The Next to the barcode was a Goodwill sticker and barcode for $1.99. All books in our fund-raising garage sale will be sold for 25 cents. The economy at work?

A thought came to me. How would I feel if I walked into a G-sale and found my Nescient Decoy, Echoes of Nam, or An Odyssey of Illusions for a quarter?


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  1. Thanks Sarah. You just became part of a solution to a technical problem. A person in our writer group has had a problem posting a comment. Your being able to post, shows it has something to do with her URL and not with this blog site.

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