Thursday Report


hy is this titled Thursday Report? It’s Thursday Silly! Well OK! I started this yesterday!

To show a little continuity with “Nothing to Do” (a random thought), the sprinkler head has not been repaired. Well, I did buy the part. I know I’ll get to it, but it’s rained enough so the lawn isn’t in danger of browning up in that area.

Speaking of browning up – why is not having that event so important? It might just fall into the category of why is keeping the lawn between 2.5 and 2.75 inches (give or take .5 inches) high during the spring, summer and autumn months.

That brings to my mind what one of my favorite authors allegedly said about his yard/lawn. I don’t know if there is any truth to a story I heard about Mickey Spillane, whose Mike Hammer novels made him one of the best-selling and best-paid novelists of the 1950s.

Supposedly, Spillane was on his porch drinking a beer and watching his neighbor mow. The neighbor said that he (Spillane) should do something about his unkempt front yard. As the story goes, Spillane said (I paraphrase), “Next November, both our yards will be covered with snow and I would have enjoyed a beer while you were sweating your _____ (chose a word that gives you the most meaning) off.”

I’d like to have that attitude, and I’d like to have written more than 50 books and dozens of published short stories. And his characters in movies…


riday morning: This being my 226th blog in this URL/domain name, I’m reasonably sure it’s not accomplished what an earlier guru said it would. I had an earlier blog with aa different domain when I needed a place to practice HTML for a job requirement. After leaving that life, I used it to post assignments for students, but that was before nearly universal access to the internet. Allegedly those who had those tools sold more books.

Whoops – as usual I’m off track. I was following a recommended process for building a platform: build a web site – social media account – professional media account – professional E-mail account – follow and like other sites, etc. It wasn’t long before my email box was nearly full every day – nothing to the advancement of my writing, but mostly promotion of devices or software to increase nearly everything writing related and persons promoting their own work. I found that I could pay for almost anything. OK, that’s my gripe for this Thursday Friday.

Early on I posted a number of stories about when I was young that had been told to my grandchildren. One of them suggested I publish them so others could see how it was then. I’ve been working on that, some of my old ideas, some flash fiction, and a new idea based on a good response to a flash fiction piece.

I responded to Turning the Page on a New Generation of Publishers. The writer is an instructor in the Portland State University’s graduate program in Book Publishing which has had a manuscript of mine in review since last December. It was confirmed by Ooligan Press Acquisitions to still be in review the first of April, but It might be time to seek another publisher since the academic quarter ends in a few weeks.

If anyone can explain where I was going with this “Thursday Report,” please let me know.

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