Winter Sport


riting is a winter and foul weather sport isn’t it? It’s not yet winter, but rain is upon us this morning, so here I am at the keyboard. Spring is recover from winter and autumn is get ready for another season of indoor. Unless of course you are a snowshoer, skier, ice skater, etc. Those will take you from the keyboard as quickly as boating, camping, gardening or other things like fence repair done best in the summer.

Weeds love the summer and can send roots through hard clay for water. The garden crops we love to eat and brag about require water and the elimination of the moisture-robber weeds. Flowers we clip for the dinner table and photograph for social media posting require the same attention.

And the lawn! Letting it grow over the recommended height or let it brown in a neighborhood of green may bring comments between green and trimmed grass neighbors. Not that committed writers or those having a deadline to meet in order pay the electric bill care about brown grass which doesn’t need mowing if it isn’t watered.

But those clay-soil penetrating weed roots…

Aw the rain – a downspout is clogged!

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