Dead Air


ead air is usually described or defined as an unintended period of silence that interrupts a broadcast during which no audio or video program material is transmitted. In this writer’s sense it can be described or defined as an unintended period of mental block that interrupts a thought process. Could mental block and dead air combined be defined as air head?
This is my status: I have four or five half-finished novel length stories, a dozen or so started short stories, at least two started blog topics, and two started collections of stories to tell my grandkids. But wait, there’s more (whops – someone else said that first).

So then, what have I been doing during the times I usually write? I finished the fence I’d started six or seven years ago. There’s another story to why now and not then, but it’s not part of this self-discussion. I built three bird houses. Two to hang on the new section and one to replace one I’d given away from the old section of fence. Yada-yada-yada (not my words they were coined at another time in another place).

In a discussion about web sites and blogs, I said that I was going to learn how to make table images that would trigger a popup. In order to not disrupt an existing page and have to start something over, I added a new page to my site. Regular readers have probably seen it – “Xperiment/Trials.” I’m sure it could be done by a real Webster, but I was not able to get a single-cell in a table act like a button. But my experimentation did pay off. Just click

to see a result.

Now I’m developing (revising) text for popups describing my writing to be displayed on the home page. So I’m guessing it hasn’t been all dead air the last few weeks.

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