hange is difficult. Change will wear a hole in your pocket if you have too much. However, change in the pocket is good unless it’s the only funds one has. It would be especially good if the change in your pocket is a hand full of 1907-P 10 Dollar Gold Indian NGC/PCGS MS64s. I get off track easily – that’s not the change I mean.

For many years, I was fastidious about keeping track of finances – even balancing the check book to the penny. That included entering every receipt into Quick Books, so I’d have an exact sales tax expense and other details to tell IRS. “Yada – yada -yada!” I’m off track again!


emember carbon paper? I failed to use it for a major paper in college and the prof lost my 20 pages. I became a backup junkie after doing a re-write from an incomplete set of notes. My stack of 5 ¼ floppies copied onto an external drive from my Apple II were backed up with stacks of self-carboning paper from my tractor feed dot-matrix printer. Then there was the tray of 3 ½ diskettes and …

Then someone developed Cloud technology. That’s the change I’ve made. I worked from cloud files on my laptop and when I returned from a trip, my experimentally changed files were available on my desktop.


hange is good.

PS: I just donated one of my external terabyte hard drives to a fundraiser garage sale.

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