n reference to a recent public, nonspecific inquiry someone posted about how busy I may appear to be with my writing activities, I must explain briefly that my somewhat explainable compulsive assiduousness might possibly be based on my self-generated mental obsession with a perceived necessity to significantly rationalize a constant flow of culturally suspect written communication which may present extremely interesting challenges to and must be integrated with the evolution of communications trends over an undefined recent time period; therefore, I must give in-depth and thoughtful consideration to any discrete configuration of currently mandated language sensitizing criteria before I can formulate a believable answer to fill this space in such a way as to appear credible and non-offensive to the entire range of readers who could develop into responders or follow up inquirers.1Originally written in the 1990s to demonstrate single sentence nonsense.
In other words – I’ve got nothing to say.


hen is April 1st?


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