Another Winter Story


othing is new under the sun or in an American winter. November/December storms move east and north from the Mid-south and join the cold from the Mid-west to inundate the North-east and New England.


soldier is delayed on the road from Ft, Devens to Boston’s Logan International Airport, but his flight is already delayed by snow. The delay turns into cancelation and the soldier sleeps on a bench until the next available flight to Chicago.


’Hare is snowed in while he waits for his flight to Minneapolis. He sleeps on the marble floor near other soldiers delayed on their flights to other places. After arriving late at Minneapolis Saint Paul International Airport, he catches a shuttle that slips and slides its way to the intercity Greyhound station.


ll busses schedules are suspended until daylight the next day and the soldier sleeps in a coffee shop booth until he is displaced by paying customers in the morning. The three-hour bus ride to his central Minnesota hometown takes six hours on the pre-freeway snow drifted roads.


he 8-hour trip from Boston to his Minnesota hometown for his Christmas leave takes 4 days. Later a three-day train ride to Ft. Lewis, Washington, takes five weather delayed days after a West Coast rainstorm joins the cold from Alaska and blizzards its way into eastern Washington, Idaho, Montana, and North Dakota.


hat soldier was me, and the year was 1956.

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