It Was What It WAS


very year is a little different and looking back at 2019 verifies that it wasn’t an exception. So, month-by-month it was presented on…; nah! Granted there were 12 of them, and like the years each was different. (comment about exception or not if there was one would go here) Day by day, the year went on… nah! (365 possible entries – too much work for this forum)

Well getting on with that writing year:

In January, I self-published (Amazon KDP) Echoes of Nam: Absence from war is not the same as peace of the soul. In May, I made minor modifications and re-self-published Nescient Decoy. Then, in July I self-published Before Grandpa was Thirteen: Stories I told my grandchildren.
I was well along on my sequel to Nescient Decoy and had put Jason and Erin into the Ukraine – whoops, I had not planned a political situation for them. One of my projects was to follow Echoes of Nam with the life of its teller Hacker Lee Goor. Well that would get me into his political feelings of the time, and as was said in the story, “Hacker Lee Goor started to include well researched political issues that directly or indirectly impacted his life before, during and after his active duty in the Army. Then he decided to write about himself, Brax, and those ambushed at Dak Bla Bridge.”
The past is over, and Nam is only really remembered by those over 60 and …
While compiling my Before Grandpa was Thirteen stories, I started what will be called Grandpa’s Teen Years, but my grandson loaned me Frederick Kempe’s Berlin 1961: Kennedy, Khrushchev and the Most Dangerous Place on Earth which was a reminder that I’d told the grandkids some of my Cold War era stories, but not the real serious ones. Thus, I started and have nearly completed what I call Rose-Rose-Rose. The premise of the book is on my “Writings” page of this site.
My work Iniquities of the Fathers, a re-write of my once published and out of print An Odyssey of Illusions should satisfy those who thought it needed a sequel. However, it has not passed more than an extension to consider by one publisher, and there has been no response from an agent and three other publishers. I might have to go to the self-publishing route with it also.
Membership in a small writing group which was helpful to me has faded into history and a church writing project seems to have become a low priority.
I have, however, learned a number of things about working with my web site.


wenty-nineteen is gone and that is that. It was what it was.


ost Script: I also submitted a number of short stories, mostly flash-fiction, to a variety of journals. And, my net income gave me $0.16 per hour of writing time. The condo perched on an outcrop above a white-sand beach is out for this year.

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  1. I admire the way you stay busy with your writing. I, too, miss our critique group. If the story group stays fizzled at church maybe we should revive it and add a few new people. Let’s keep writing in 2020.

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