Will It Be What We Hope


very year is a little different and looking forward to 2020 most have hope that it will be as good as or better than the prior(s). To read or write – that is the question.

Oh how what we’ve read creeps into our minds as we write / try to write.
But what if both. In the immediate prior time, reading took a back seat. Thus far in the current time, reading is still there – perhaps balance is in the hope.

Well getting on with …:
Remember I wrote, “I was well along on my sequel to Nescient Decoy and had put Jason and Erin into the Ukraine – whoops, I had not planned a political situation for them.” As I’d tried to not have it political, I’d rather not have the continuing story that either. Since my last post I’ve had at least a half-dozen scenarios in my head. Then I’m self-distracted – not unusual for me.
But-firsters are just part of my life (well not public life); I did a paragraph on a flash fiction not due for submission until … While doing that, I looked at some old files for ideas I’d used to continue the story of Jason and Erin and discovered something I’d intended to finish several years ago. That unrelated work got several edits, and new entries, then …

I intended to do something with this forum every Thursday. Well you can see how that has been going.
I heard about James Clear’s book Atomic Habits in the context of a church sermon and took a look at a summary by Sam T. Davies. Now I won’t have to read the book and I’d sure not be happy imposing the considerations for self-improvement on myself.

Have you noticed that I’m wandering again. And I ask myself, Self, do you wonder as you wander? Well that thought wasn’t for sure from remembering only one line fromHamlet.

But about the subject of the song I’ve paraphrased, I have no wonder.


wenty-twenty is here and “what will be will be.” Woah! Some phrases just stick in one’s mind … er … my mind.

So how was that for an example of being all over the place? Whoa – I just thought of this Nothing to Do

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