Thor’s Day


hursday means Thor’s day in Old English. The Norse among us probably know Thor the god of thunder is represented riding a chariot drawn by goats and wielding the hammer. For most/many others day is named after the god and planet Jupiter. I’ve met several Norse (Norwegians) and very few could conger up that image in my mind. Both sides of my family emigrated from Norway, so I am also a Norse or Scandinavian of the N-kind.

This Thor’s Day like so many and regular days too, I got off track faster than good lefse removed from a snack tray.

Regular readers of this blog will certainly remember I said something about making posts on this day every week. I know and have evidence or hearsay that many of you are Scandinavian of the N-kind, so you are quite likely to be forgiving of procrastinators of the same kind.



orgive me if I offer this for my not posting excuse:
IN RESPECT TO specific blogging goals and based on non-professional clinical observations in parallel with a constant flow of effective information modified by a social media flow of ineffective information which is further complicated by a primary interrelation between system and subsystem technologies, requires considerable opinion analysis and trade-off studies, thus adding overriding performance constraints to arrive at the evolution of concept specifications over a given time period, and in this regard, must be integrated with the format design, based on language-engineering vocabulary imposition by a sovereign authority and the obligation of obedience on the part of all serfs to any self-appointed authority on blogging.

That didn’t learn me nothing! How about you?


eriously, I had nothing to say this Thor’s Day. – perhaps next week.

PS: I have true respect for real authorities on blogging.

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