ood Morning! I was about to have an opinion, but more about that later.


efore retirement I had a routine. Didn’t nearly everyone? Now I have a routine that can be purposely varied, but nearly every morning is the same. Take today for instance.

I wake up — if not I’d not be writing this. The coffee maker button gets punched, I get the newspaper from the steps outside, then stumble (for lack of a better morning word for walk) to the little room – you know the one.
No! I do not read the paper there. I used to, but… The whistle on the coffee maker alerts me to a sub-routine. I take my cholesterol med with water from the cup I’ll use for the caffeinated liquid. Ahhh – that first sip while it’s hot enough to burn any part of the body except the mouth.
My thumb touches the red button on the TV remote, and my index finger moves almost automatically to the channel where the morning newscast is usually the least like a talk show. Our local newspaper has four standard sections and for some reason I read (most times just scan) the sections in the same order. Content on the front page can nearly always be predicted from what was on the late newscast the night before, so that page is second to the last for me. I read skim the section that has the comics, TV schedule, etc. Next, it’s the sports section. The last section I read (not every article, but most) is the local news – the primary reason I subscribe to the paper.

Ho-hum routine.


ith TV news turning to talk shows, paper scanned, e-mail read and filed, texts read and/or answered, social media checked, body dressed, computer on, Shirley doing Sudoku … the routine continues. There are exceptions. Why not? Mondays start earlier with less newspaper reading, quick breakfasting, checking media on the phone, walking the mall, and coffeeing with friends.
Most days, I write something, but spring is springing and having been rained in for a season, there will be some purposeful changes in routine.

Opinion: In my opinion, opinions sometimes cause more trouble than they are worth at the time blurted. Someone else said, “Everyone has a right to my opinion.” I find it sad that opinion is too often taken as an attack. And, I find it troubling that a loud opinion cannot be countered with an opposite or even slightly different without fear of angering the first opinion giver.

Remember when debate was a great device for engaging others and bringing life to the conversation. But in those days, there were rules against personal attack and …


herefore, the opinion I was thinking about at the onset of this block of words, symbols and spaces will be confined to the grey matter with which I’ve been blessed. Whoops! Would saying I’m blessed be taken as an opinion? So be it!

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