Rejected Again


ome rejections are appreciated. I would appreciate a rejection even more if it included feedback other than “… does not meet our requirements.” The appreciate part is knowing it was received, at least looked at and the rejection means my E-mail address is in the publisher’s files. I also appreciate the publisher’s having an automatic response for submissions with or without a statement like, “If we do not respond in xx days, feel free to submit elsewhere.” I don’t think I need permission to submit elsewhere unless the publisher says my work is being moved to the next level of consideration.

My most recent rejection is from a journal to which I’ve submitted at least six times. I’ve enjoyed the challenge of competing with probably a multitude of others for space in The First Line Literary Journal. Having read many of the submissions, I take the position of luck of the draw of the day, but I wish I’d had the idea for many of the presentations. I’m taking at least three more attempts to be in the quarterly this year.
I sent a query following submission guidelines and got a request for the first chapter and a second random chapter of my choice. About a week later, I got a request for the full manuscript. I asked its status after 60 days. I was told that it was still in the reading process. I asked again after 90 days and getting no answer, I formally withdrew my request for consideration.
Trying a different tack, I sent a query and guideline requested page to two pair of agencies with similar requirements. One gave the …after 60 days statement and the other said it would respond in 30 days. The thirty-day one replied with the does not meet statement within days.  The 60-day said, “… not right for our audience.”  


eeping in mind that many well sold writers had multiple rejections before profit was heaped upon them, I just submitted the work to another two agents. I’ve never been in this endeavor for riches, but as I work on other projects, I wonder what the next 60 days will bring, if anything.


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