Hunkering Down II


ast week I talked about hunkering down being hard to do from a writer’s perspective. Our news is full of difficulty and it is being avoided by many. But it’s like a zit in the middle of one’s forehead – it cannot not be seen. So, this more personal.

It’s not our turn to do coffee at church, but we’d still be getting ready. However, church today will be somewhat like last week — on Facebook. Well last week our pastor spoke from the church with no congregation in the seats. This week (today) he will be streaming from his home. He and his family are hunkering down too.

He’s chosen to speak on Psalm 23. For any who don’t know, it starts, “Yea though I walk through the valley of death… I believe the message is appropriate for these trying times.

Our last hosted social gathering was playing pinochle with three other couples 10 days ago. It’s something we’ve done with the same group since we could only make and take calls on our phones. But now we can message, call, E-mail, or … our thoughts and concerns.

Speaking of concerns, many have shown their concern for we two octogenarians. Family has checked in with, “Can we get anything for you?” and many younger friends have done the same. We are not overstocked and have been to the market early in the morning when crowds are thin. This may sound a little petty, but many of the shoppers during the store designated senior citizen times appear to be 40 years younger. Well, perhaps they are buying 30 rolls of TP for their grandparents. What do I know?


unkering down hasn’t given me any extra writing time. Springtime still demands yard sprucing and garden soil preparation. So, we are just ducky — we have our Cheerios.

“down dooby doo down down, comma comma”

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