Hunkering Down IV


ore about hunkering down being hard to do. There is still nothing new under the recent sun — news continues to be full of difficulty. And it continues to be a like a zit in the middle of one’s forehead which cannot not be seen.

The Honda needed some attention a while back – check engine and all that. The gas cap was tightened, and the car driven. No change in the light. A parts store employee checked the data port free of charge and said number two cylinder was missing. I checked and discovered the engine had not been disassembled, so how could it be missing? Oh! He meant it was missing on number two. I replaced the spark plugs and it seemed to be better.
A few days later it wouldn’t start. I applied some 1960s shade tree mechanic’s techniques and found it had no spark. Thanks to online shopping I was able to find a new distributor – one electrical connector and three bolts to replace it. The car started but ran rough at idle. I’d given away my timing light or sold it at a garage sale years ago.
I took it to a local business with a record on the Honda for help. They helped, but could not do a complete fix without more cost than the 20-year-old car is worth. The good thing is it probably will just continue to run poorly and use a little more fuel, but not conk out at a light.
So, for the most part yesterday was like many other days here in the PNW1. Old car problems, re-runs on TV, cool enough and wet enough to discourage fair-weather walkers, etc. We had some hail2, but the gang was not all here.


unkering down III writing faux pax – I didn’t fully proof it and left out two graphics related to my Palmer penmanship comments. This is them – click on an image for a larger view.

Palmer Samples

I don’t remember knowing any guy who got it completely right, but most of us didn’t care that much.

Could I make a song with the tune to Breaking Up Is Hard To Do and find a way to start it similar to “down dooby doo down down, comma comma”3

  1. Pacific North West 

  2. hail is spelled the same as hail 

  3. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do by Neil Sedaka or one of the others has this line four times at the beginning. 

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