Hunkering Down V


hive1 blogs in a row about hunkering down being hard to do. Probably no need to mention that there is still nothing new under the recent sun — news continues to be full of difficulty. This one is on the 12th day after our last social gathering, but there were only eight of us. I’m wondering if we should start the count over if we go to the grocery store. If that’s the case, we’re on our 5th day. ?????????????

So, why didn’t I start posting daily on the first hunkering day? I could come up with a reasonable and fairly lengthy story as to why – I do write fiction, you know. However,2 unless otherwise noted what I say in this forum is real in thought word and deed.
As afore mentioned, we’ve been out of the house to walk and to get the Honda issue settled. Yesterday morning, we decided to use some of our Starbucks stars at one of the few drive-through venues in town. We, however,3 did get the notice from SB that even drive throughs may be closed. That’s OK, I usually keep one or two bags of product ahead. The only time, however,4 I’ve had more is when gifted at Christmas. Three times, however,5 when returning from a dental mission I had 10 and one time 20 direct from the Dominican Republic roaster.6
Strange things happen during these times! We sent a short video to our granddaughter – just to get a smile doncha know. Turns out we had an old number in our contact list and had a short non-confronting text conversation with the new user. Needless to say, we removed the contact number. I could consider sending a photo to everyone in the list to check if we have correct numbers for each contact. Nah!
Some things never seem to stop.7 During the last week I got a call about my account was in arrears and I should call an 800 number to verify – the rest of the message was garbled. And the other random call implied that I won an all expense trip for two at a Florida resort I’d visited before.8
Some of us did have an incident on that trip. Check it out.


unkering down postscript:

You’d be right in thinking I’d never be able to make a song with the tune to Breaking Up Is Hard To Do9 and find a way to start it similar to “down dooby doo down down, comma comma”

  1. Phive comes from when I drove a Phord truck 

  2. My first however of this page 

  3. If you weren’t counting this my second however 

  4. Number three 

  5. #4 

  6. I’ll post about one of those adventures later. 

  7. Nothing is new under… 

  8. Never did an overnight in FL except at the airport on the way back from a DR mission trip. 

  9. The song by Neil Sedaka or one of the others has this line four times at the beginning. 

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