Hunkering Down VI


xcept for a concerted effort in late 2016 this series has been an exception to my random time between posts. And keeping current with the theme of this series, I say, “Probably no need to mention that there is still very little new under the recent sun — news remains full of difficulty. This one is on the 13th day after our last social gathering. But does going to the grocery store count as a social gathering? We were planning to go this morning, but the kids picked up a few things for us yesterday1. We could survive on what we have, but some things don’t keep forever, so that’s what we’ve been eating first. I’m still wondering if we should start the 15 day count over after having been at the store2.

Do any of you remember root cellars? Home canned fruit and vegetables?3 Most of us octogenarians remember our mothers and/or grandmothers spending days putting up (canning) the most recently ripened garden stuff. Of course, in these days, canning is more expensive than buying off the shelf unless someone in the home has the time, skill and garden. My maternal grandfather even cured their own bacon. Ah the good old days when they had to work dawn to dusk just to survive.


unkering down postscript:

Yes, I am getting some other writing done. I have two revised short stories for The First Line Journal nearly finished, a contribution to Chicken Soup For The Soul ready for a last look, and I’ve done some work on the two unfinished books you can see on my writings page. My goal is to have both finished by late June or early July.4

  1. After I posted HD V 

  2. A moot point now 

  3. I called green beans gray beans, because they took that color after a long time in the jar. 

  4. You’ve probably noticed that I’ve learned how to put visible footnotes on my site pages. 

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