Hunkering Down IX


ixteenth day of hunkering down from our last round of social separation. I’ve said before that I do spend some time learning about posting techniques. Learning has always been an adventure.1

Yesterday I decided to share some of my published work in case you’re not one of those who bought a copy. Thus, I’ve added a new page, < GP 13. My plan is to post a chapter each day, then move it to I, JMB Say. That process has started, so you’ll see the next chapter on < GP 13 and the Forward chapter on I, JMB Say. If you prefer a paperback or Kindle version, just search the title on


hile hunkering down, we found some old black and white negatives.2 I discovered my scanner doesn’t get a good workable image with which to work and my negative scanner can only process 35mm.

I was compelled to find a work around. After several experiments, I found a good, but somewhat time-consuming system. Knowing a negative needs to be back lit, I used my iPod with a white background to provide it. 3

The actual working first image is a closeup of the negative.

The photo can be cropped on most smart phones, but I use GIMP or Corel PaintShop Pro.

I convert the image to greyscale and reverse it to get a nice photo.


unkering down postscript: The reality of today is that it took longer to write this post4 today than it did to process a negative once I learned how!


unkering down random: I never wanted a mullet, but with the barbers closed I’ll have one soon.

  1. Well not always – back in the early days I often avoided it. 

  2. Greyscale in photo processing software. 

  3. The sticky note is to keep the negative flat. 

  4. Inserting and sizing media also. 

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